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Flower team

The task is to create a corporate identity for a flower store. The competition in this market is huge, everyone looks alike and it seems impossible to come up with something new.

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The graphic system was based on a simple logo of three red flowers that the client liked. The logo was created a couple of years ago for another project, but it was not accepted and was gathering dust on the shelf.

Flower team — logo

Placing a logo on a store sign is an obvious solution, but that’s what everyone does and it doesn’t solve the problem. It is necessary to create a recognizable graphic system.

Flower team — pattern

I found a simple but elegant solution to create a logo pattern. Now you can make any medium recognizable. 48 - 248 - 2048 colors

Flower team — logo The text part of the style. A kolikö headset is used.

The pattern is great and beautiful, but you need to make some words sound in your head when you see it. I write the name with a kolikö headset. I put a red dot to match the text part with the pattern.

Flower team — advertising that doesn't annoy you Advertising that doesn’t annoy you

The pattern looks great on both the lightbox and the huge canvas. You can calculate the optimal size of flowers, taking into account the distance to the audience - we see flowers, not a colored spot. At the bottom there is always enough space for the logo and additional information (web addresses, contacts, promo descriptions).

Flower team — decorating a flower shop signboard Decorating a flower shop signboard

Flower team — souvenir design Souvenir design

On the advertising carrier the pattern attracts attention, and on souvenir production looks cosy at home.

Flower team — delivery service car design Delivery service car design

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